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From early childhood I wanted to be a gypsy. From early adulthood I imagined I was as I wandered around the world. Then simply for the joy of treasure hunting, I started collecting beautiful things and bringing them home. 

Balu Balu began on one of those adventures in 2006, when I was trawling through the little markets in Pushkar, child on hip, seeking beautiful clothes for my baby. I found a tailor who made my first range of long sleeved cotton shirts which I brought home to sell at the Camberwell Flea Market in Melbourne.

I supplemented my range with beautiful block printed cottons from Jaipur, that I made into simple kaftans, and spent hours sourcing Kurt Cobain inspired  handknitted cardigans in Melbourne with my little boy. We then expanded the range, moving production to Thailand where we worked hand in hand with artisans manufacturing lovely soft cotton childrens garments....and got to spend even more time in Thailand, as well as relocating to the Byron Bay hinterland.

Now days I spend a few months each year living in Goa with my daughter, and take enormous pleasure heading up to Rajasthan to go treasure hunting for old brass kitchen items and random fabulous things.. .all of which I trade at my local markets here in Byron Bay.

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Wanderer, Collector, Trader......

Tiina xx