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Our story

Every year my family takes off for a few unwind... reconnect... and explore. The tribe got bigger, and life threw us some curve balls, but the wandering has never stopped. 

Balu Balu began on one of those adventures in 2006, when our travels saw me trawling through crowded Indian markets, child on hip, seeking beautiful clothes for my boy. I found a tailor in India who made my first range of long sleeved cotton shirts for boys which I brought home to sell at the Camberwell Flea Market in Melbourne.

I supplemented my range with beautiful vintage handknitted cardigans, and found more joy in scouring vintage warehouses for collections. 

Eventually a little business grew that allowed me to do all the things I loved - travel, treasure hunt, market trade, AND be a stay at home parent. 

Here is the amalgamation of all these loves. Collections of wonderful clothing, and things for your home, all with a story to tell, of where they were found, how they were made. And every piece has been hand picked with love by me on one of our adventures.

Wanderer, Collector, Trader......

Tiina xx