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Antique 1/8 Seer measuring scoop

Antique 1/8 Seer measuring scoop

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Antique 1/8 seer (150gms) measuring cup with hanging handle....a tiny piece laden with stories !! 

Worn brass/zinc patina,

approx 13cm L, scoop 7 x 4.5cm

*Circa 1950, a Seer was the unit of measure in Northern India with 1 seer = 1.25kg

This piece is an antique from that period, used commercially in a kitchen by at least 2 owners whose names are engraved in Hindi, along with beautiful old Bombay branding. 
Demonstrating the beautiful frugality of Indian culture, you can also see that the handle was broken off at one time, and re-forged in a new position to enable its continued use. 

All in all, a wonderful little piece to hang on your kitchen rail with beautiful stories to tell.

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